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Products » 10. Vacuum technique » 10.1. Vacuum pumps » 10.1.1. Preliminary vacuum pump single stage PVP 163 S

10.1.1. Preliminary vacuum pump single stage PVP 163S

Are used for technological chamber vacuum up to a pressure of 5Pa(5x10-2mbarr) Inside the preliminary vacuum station it assures the low pressure used for the properly run of auxiliary pumps of very high flow (Root pumps). Preliminary vacuum pumps are volumic pumps with bats and during their function generates volumes between rotor, pump cylinder (stator) and a mobil bat.

Electricity industry, metallurgy, electrotechnics, pharmaceutical.

    Datasheet PVP, 3-phase motor, 380-420 V, 50 Hz:
  • Ambient temperature: 12÷40°C
  • Cooling method, standard: water
  • Cooling water consumption: 25l/h
  • Cooling water pressure: 1-6 barr
  • Emission sound pressure level without gas ballast at 50 Hz: <60dB
  • Flange(in): Dn63 ISO-F
  • Flange(out): Dn63 ISO-K
  • Theoretical flow: 163 m3/h
  • Ultimate pressure with gas ballast: 5Pa(5x10-2mbarr)
  • Ultimate pressure without gas ballast: 100Pa (1 mbarr)
  • Power Consumption: 5,5 kVA
  • Rotation speed: 230 rot/min
  • Operating fluid filling: 15 l
  • Weight: 625 Kg
  • Gabarit: 1542x860x750 mm