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6. Photodosimetric cassette type FD

Composition and technical characteristics of photodosimetric type FD cassette:

The photodosimetric cassette type FD-III*-B is a support which has energy discrimination filters for the dosimetrical films package, together with which it is used as a personal dosimeter for measuring the equivalent of the Hp(10) individual dose, in the case of external irradiation with photons ( X rays and Y), with an energy between 20 keV and 9 MeV.

The use of the phodosimetric cassette on the minimum measuring range from 200 μSv to 1 Sv is allowed only with dosimetrical films package with radiological safety authorization, which makes possible classifying the photographic dosimeter into the third class, according to ISO 1757:1996 (for X rays and Y with energies between 20 keV ÷ 9 MeV) and where appropriate, in the W category (regarding the resistance to water vapor and/ or actinic chemicals).

Composition of photodosimetric type FD cassette:
  • Filters mounted with glue on each of the two walls of the cassette, made of rough and shock resistant plastic, aluminium, copper, lead with 99,5% purity, ensures the detection areas;
  • Side protection frames against scattered radiation, made of lead 2mm thick, mounted on the perimeter line surrounding the detection areas;
  • Metal clips for closing and fixing the bearer cassette;
  • Dimensions : 70 mm x 40 mm x 10 mm;
  • Weight : 32 g.
Features of the photodosimetric cassette type FD:
  • Mechanical resistance to free fall from 1 m height;
  • Resistance to temperature variations in the range from -10°C to +40°C;
  • Uniformity of the filter material and the absence of the radioactive elements in their structure.
Provided compliance of possible limitations imposed by the the parameters of dosimetric film used, the FD-III*-B cassette can be used in the following environmental conditions:
  • Ambient temperature from -10°C to + 40°C;
  • Maximum relative humidity 80%;
  • Atmospheric pressure 86 ÷ 106 kPa..

The product is qualified under ISO 1757:1996 requirements, through test papers issued with no. 87 of 22.04.2003 and no. 95 of 12.02.2004, by Nuclear & Vacuum and with no. 2051/09.06.2008 by Dozimed Bucharest.

The product lasts a normal period of time, of 10 years and it is manufactured according C.S. 01/2003, under the control of quality assurance.

Photodosimetric type FD-III*-B - is used only with packages of AGFA dosimetric film with radiographic valid security authorization, enabling according to ISO 1757:1996 of the personal photographic dosimeter in the third class( for X and Y rays with energy range between 20keV ÷ 9MeV.

Photodosimetric cassette FD type has ASR product issued by CNCAN, and Nuclear & Vacuum is the only manufacturer of these cassettes in Romania.