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Products » 7. Detectors of drugs and explosives

7. Detectors of drugs and explosives

Portable detector for explosives and drugs

Remote non-destructive detection and identification of drugs, explosives and highly toxic substances in items under inspection with overall sizes from 50 to 600 mm.

  • Simultaneous inspection in 9 (or 64) tagged neutron beams
  • Inspection unit weight is 34 kg
  • The tagged fast neutrons technology is used to determine the elemental composition of a hidden object
  • Identification of over 30 different explosive substances
  • Identification of liquid explosives
  • Determination of 3D location of a hidden object
  • High penetration power of fast neutrons (up to 30 cm of concrete)
  • Identification is automatic, without an operator
    Overall dimensions
  • 740x510x410 mm
    General characteristics
  • Maximal neutron flux: 5 x 107 n/s
  • Neutron energy: 14.1 MeV
  • Operation mode: continuous
  • Peak power consumption: 30 Watt
  • Number of tagged neutron beams: 9 (or 64)
  • Number of gamma-detectors: 1
  • Power supply: from the operator’s position, AC 220V 50 Hz