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Produse » 9. Radiological door cabinet

9. Radiological door cabinet

Our company produces antiradiation doors used in hospitals and medical facilities, dental offices, veterinary clinics where radiography is performed.

Lined with lead, doors are able to protect patients and medical staff from the harmful effects of X-rays.

Like with all other forms of ionizing radiation, X-rays are very harmful to human or animal organisms.

The doors have the appearance of normal doors, which are lined with lead, of different thicknesses, depending on customer need.

Protection extends into the door frame.

Lead is encapsulated during the rolling process, and the door is completely seamless, forming a perfect barrier against radiation efficiency.

On the outside, the doors are metal, wood, covered with veneer.

Doors can be covered with lead sheets with thicknesses from 0.5 to 6 mm, depending on the requirements of CNCAN and equipment used inside cabinets.

Steel doors can be painted in any color the customer's request.

Doors can be single or double, according to customer requirements.

We provide certificates of compliance, quality and ASR issued by CNCAN.

Our staff can help determine appropriate radiation protection depending on the size of the work space and the activity of the source device.